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Young Scientists

Training the scientists of tomorrow

A key objective of INTAROS is to develop the professional skills of younger scientists in improving their knowledge on the uniqueness of the Arctic and in working with observational data collected during the project. A number of targeted activities are taking place including:

Summer Schools

IN 2020 a summer school will be developed and organised  by the project at the University Centre of Svalbard (Norway) in collaboration with NERSC and FMI. The theme will cover observing systems, with a special focus on existing and emerging technologies and solutions for Arctic waters, atmosphere and land, including space-based, in-situ and community-based observations.

The teaching materials developed will be compiled into an educational package openly available to schools and universities, interested in observation-based research in the Arctic, e.g. the annual Hyytiälä (Finland) Winter/Summer schools/courses organized by UHEL and the courses organized by the University of the Arctic

Scientific Exchanges

Short-term scientific exchange and training of 2-6 weeks for PhD students and early-stage researchers will be organized by the project. Project partners will provide details of laboratory projects, or ship-based activities where they can offer training and these will be announced widely.

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Programme on Arctic Affairs

INTAROS will also contribute to the specialization program on Arctic Affairs, established as a collaboration between Aarhus University, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR), University of Manitoba and University of Greenland. This specialization program provides theory and practical lessons in relation to Arctic monitoring and applications. Contribution from INTAROS will be based on the outcomes of the application case studies to be developed during the lifetime of the project. 

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