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Groundbreaking experiments planned for the Hausgarten observatory in 2018


Free ocean CO2 enrichment experiments (FOCE) were developed to address the need for information on community level response to ocean acidification in natural habitats. The antFOCE project was the first polar FOCE system and was run at Casey Station, East Antarctica, over 8 weeks in early 2015. Now arcFOCE will carry out experimental free ocean carbon enrichment experiments in the Arctic.


The arcFOCE experiment will be set up at the Long-term Ecological Research oberservatory, “HAUSGARTEN”, situated in the Fram Strait  between the northern North Atlantic and the central Arctic Ocean. The setup will be part of an expedition by the RV Maria S. Merian  that will range from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, to Edinburgh, Scotland, from September 15 to October 13 2018.


The arcFOCE system will be initially tested on the seafloor in shallower waters for several days, then re-deployed for a one-year period at a depth of 1500 - 1800 m on the Vestnesa Ridge off Svalbard. In 2019, a deep sea remotely operated vehicle (ROV) named PHOCA (Geomar, Germany), which has a max. diving depth of approx. 2000 m, will be sent to retrieve the equipment.


Further deployments within and after the duration of the INTAROS project are also planned for deeper waters and different regions within Fram Strait.


You can check out all the INTAROS observing sites in this interactive map.

Watch this space for more updates from the INTAROS fieldwork season, coming very soon.


(Photo: UHH/LDF)

02 July 2018

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