In-Situ Observing Systems

INTAROS has developed a series of questionnaires to gather contributions from the wider Arctic community.


These comprise a survey with the following objectives: 

The survey outcomes will fed into a series of reports and documents produced during INTAROS, and will contribute to building the integrated Arctic Observing System (iAOS). 


There are three Questionnaires in total, addressing the following: 

 Questionnaire A

The questionnaire ADDRESSES: existing Arctic in situ observing systems,

The questionnaire DOES NOT ADDRESS: data collections obtained by a single instrument (they are the target of questionnaire B).


Questionnaire B

The questionnaire ADDRESSES: existing Arctic in situ data collections

The questionnaire DOES NOT ADDRESS: model-generated data and re-analysis products.

We cannot fill the questionnaires for ALL the existing Arctic data that belong to the addressed types. We therefore recommend that respondents prioritize those data that they consider most relevant for the demonstrative applications in WP6, and in general for the user communities.


Questionnaire C

The questionnaire ADDRESSES: Arctic satellite products that are relevant for INTAROS.

The questionnaire DOES NOT ADDRESS: Level 0 and level 1 data as well as level 4 data (model output).


You can find more detailed information on the specifics of the Survey here.

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