Industrial Development

Better observations can support economic development while protecting the environment

The project aims to demonstrate how an upgraded Arctic Observing System can support business development, security and efficiency of marine industries including maritime transport, oil and mineral exploitation including support to oil spill cleanups, tourism, fishery, and wind energy – without compromising the vulnerable Arctic environment. Critical information for all these industries for long- and short-term investment planning, risk assessment and operational purposes is knowledge of the environmental fields affecting marine operations in the Arctic Ocean.

Working with stakeholders from a range of the these industries INTAROS is defining and designing decision support tools which will integrate existing data from services such as EMODnet and the Copernicus Marine Service enhanced by new data collected in this project.

For example one particular activity focusses on developing quantitative knowledge about ship traffic in the Arctic, which can be linked to other developments (such as thawing, erosion, exploration, settlement growth, fishing, global maritime transport routes, pollution, ecology, etc.) in order to better understand the interconnections and thereby enable better decision-making.

Additionally the project is building on findings from the AtlantOS project in regard to how observatories can support economic development. This extended study is an assessment of the ocean economy in the Arctic up to 2030 and beyond, with particular emphasis on the development potential of emerging ocean-based industries. At least two stakeholder workshops will be organised with the first one planned for Autumn 2019.

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